Dear society,

Passing through the street many whispers I can hear

Bitch,slut or whore I heard it clear as I got near

Looked at myself nothing wrong I find in me there

Crop top,jeans or shorts who are u to decide my character dear?

Oh,forgetting you’re the society whose respect I should care

More than my comfort your opinions are my parent’s fear

According to your thoughts they decide my future career

Why they trust your words more than their children’s tear?

You protect us,as a child I heard it so loud and clear

Discrimination,dowry or chaupadi ,protection was so rare

Blaming and taunting nothing right I could see in there

This is for your good they said as they always interfere.

Higher was my ambition but burden in my path you were

Bound me with chain of your rules as I made my choices clear

Breaking those stereotypes finally I could reach there

I am doing good your judgments now I don’t care.